Control Wiring

Safety and Expertise

If you want to safely complete your upgrade, then leverage the decades of experience we have from many energized substations. We install substation components and wiring to effectively control and communicate with your system. We source the materials and are sure to meet the project specifications.


  • Panel Fabrication
  • Substation Protection & Control
  • Relay Upgrades
  • RTU Upgrades
  • Metering Upgrades
  • Battery Installation & Maintenance
  • Security Systems

Our Team

David Willhelm

David Willhelm, Manager

When David joined Delta in 2015, he already had six years of experience in the United States Marine Corps Reserves in Baltimore. During his time in the Marine Corps, he attended electrical trade school and worked as an 1141-Electrician MOS. This provided him the opportunity to install, maintain, and repair underground and overhead electrical power distribution systems.

David started at Delta as an electrical technician, got promoted to General Foreman, and then became Delta’s Control Wire Division Manager in September 2023. Leveraging the leadership skills and specialized knowledge he developed in the Marine Corps, David oversees multiple projects and multiple crews. He especially enjoys interacting with the crews and making sure they’re taken care of, since they’re the ones doing all the work in the field. When his crews are happy, then they can do their best quality work, which ultimately makes the client happy.