Control Wiring

Safety and Expertise

If you want to safely complete your upgrade, then leverage the decades of experience we have from many energized substations. We install substation components and wiring to effectively control and communicate with your system. We source the materials and are sure to meet the project specifications.


  • Panel Fabrication
  • Substation Protection & Control
  • Relay Upgrades
  • RTU Upgrades
  • Metering Upgrades
  • Battery Installation & Maintenance
  • Security Systems

Our Team

Alex Sirko

Alex Sirko, Manager

Alex has been a master electrician since 2011, and he has been masterfully managing our control wire division since joining Delta in 2018. He enjoys coordinating with the customers and field crew members to make sure the jobs are done right and on time. Having taught for 10 years in an electrical apprenticeship program, Alex also has the knack for seeing teachable moments so that the team can excel even more. When Alex isn’t at work, he enjoys fixing up his house and playing saxophone in a band.