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Fitzell Substation

The Fitzell Substation: Powering Baltimore’s Industrial Renaissance

Sparrows Point in Baltimore is in the midst of an industrial renaissance. This revitalization project is considered the largest of its kind in the nation. At Delta Utility Services, we are proud to be a part of this urban expansion.

Bethlehem Steel

For 125 years, Sparrows Point was home to Bethlehem Steel. This American industrial powerhouse was once the world’s largest iron producer and steel making facility. At its peak, it provided 30,000 jobs, produced steel for iconic projects such as the Golden Gate Bridge, and fueled railroad expansion across the country.

Tradepoint Atlantic

In 2014, two years after Bethlehem Steel ceased operations, a fresh vision emerged—for new industries to stand on the shoulders of this former steel mill giant. Tradepoint Atlantic acquired over 3,000 acres and is transforming the site into one of the largest global logistics hubs in America. With direct access to highways, railroads, and the Atlantic Ocean, Baltimore will strategically connect the US and global markets. Continue reading

Delta Substation Security

Substation Security

After you’ve constructed a power substation, how do you safeguard that investment?

Substations are commonly located in remote areas, making them even more susceptible to malicious activity and accidents. Safety and security breaches at a substation can be extremely costly—and even deadly.

Threats to Substations

Common threats to substations include:

  • Copper theft
    Thieves will go to great lengths to steal this valuable metal. Since copper is used in critical elements of a substation, copper theft can cause downtime and expensive repairs. Thieves also put themselves in great danger, accessing high-voltage areas with bolt cutters that could clip an active wire.
  • Malicious attacks
    Snipers and hackers have attacked substations with gunfire and cyber terrorism. These incidents have caused government agencies to emphasize the importance of protecting our nation’s infrastructure and power grid.
  • Wildlife
    Birds of prey such as eagles and osprey like to build their nests on tall structures. When these nests are built on substations, the birds are at risk of harming themselves and causing power outages. It requires the cooperation of wildlife officials and utility personnel to safely remove the nests, which can be up to 3 feet wide.

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Delta Utility Digital Substation

Benefits of Digital Substations

Delta Utility Digital Substation

Digital substations are an example of smart grid technologies that give utilities greater flexibility and adaptability.

Consider some of the benefits of building a new digital substation or upgrading an existing substation.

  • Increased capacity and operation efficiency
  • Improved resiliency and safety
  • Expedited design modifications to accommodate new resources
  • Enhanced cybersecurity

Additionally, digital substations have reduced material and installation costs. They also leave a smaller environmental footprint.

Substation Expertise

Delta specializes in turnkey substation construction and smart grid technologies. We pride ourselves in our ability to strategically plan and execute a project successfully on time and within budget. By commissioning digital substations, we help our customers reap the benefits of modernized grid technology.