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What Is Hydro-Excavation?

Hydro-excavation is a non-destructive method of removing soil using pressurized water. First, a high-pressure water wand is used to break up the soil, creating a mud slurry. Next, a vacuum removes the slurry from the excavation area and transfers it to a debris tank on the excavation truck. Our crews commonly use hydro-excavation to reveal existing utility lines and pipe systems underground.

Benefits of Hydro-Excavation

  • Accuracy
    Compared with mechanical excavators, hydro-excavators dig more precisely; the soil is softened and vacuumed instead of scooped with sharp metal equipment.
  • Safety
    Hydro-excavation limits the risk of injury and damage that could be caused by accidentally cutting into underground utilities.
  • Efficiency
    Hydro-excavation is time-efficient and cost-efficient. It prevents project delays that could be caused by underground utility damage. It also requires less manpower than manual digging.

In-House Hydro-Excavator

Delta is committed to completing all projects safely and efficiently. We are proud to have our own in-house hydro-excavation truck (commonly referred to as a “hydrovac”) to help us with our underground work.


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  • Utility Locating & Trenching
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