Distribution Construction & Maintenance

Underground Distribution

Underground distribution is one of our signature services. We do fault locating, splices, and underground terminations. In an industry where anyone can dig a trench, our proven safety record, professionalism, and high ethical standards set us apart. Our talented team of technicians set a high bar among our competitors.

In the Trenches

Our trained technicians take on the challenges of working underground in a confined space. From manholes in the city to splice boxes and open trenches in the county, we service equipment in a variety of environments.

Protecting the People

To keep our technicians safe, we enforce protocols such as:

  • Oxygen monitoring
  • Shoring
  • Manhole safety setup

Protecting the Environment

Our technicians work with precision to avoid disturbing other underground utilities or environmental elements.


  • Cable Splicing
  • Cable Terminations
  • Fault Locating
  • Padmounted Equipment

Overhead Distribution

Far-Reaching Service

Nearly a quarter of our workforce supports overhead distribution and equipment installation. Having several crews that focus on these services means we are:

  • Flexible
    We do a variety of overhead projects and service multiple locations every day.
  • Comprehensive
    Our talent pool is large enough to cover several kinds of overhead projects at the same time.
  • Well-equipped
    Our bucket trucks range from 30 feet to 60 feet in reach. We can repurpose the same equipment for different work tasks.

We offer a range of services, including:

  • Upgrades
  • Maintenance
  • Testing


  • Maintenance
  • Testing
  • Automation Equipment
  • Storm Restoration
  • Automatic Switches
  • Manual Switches
  • Smart Grid Devices

Our Team

Steve Mustachio

Steve Mustachio, Manager

Steve oversees all aspects of Delta’s distribution construction, including overhead, underground, solar, and DAVQ. Since joining Delta in January of 2019, he has especially focused on expanding our overhead services. Steve has a broad background in the distribution construction field, having 18 years of prior experience at a local utility company. His breadth of experience includes being a lineman in the field, providing emergency response services, managing customer outages, and working behind the scenes for system operations. This enables him to be adept whether he’s out working with the guys in the bucket truck or managing things from the office. As a family man, Steve is proud to be the father of a professional soccer player.

Greg Parrish

Greg Parrish, General Foreman

Greg oversees all of Delta’s DAVQ work and assists with scheduling and maintaining overhead and underground distribution construction. He enjoys interacting with the employees and seeing them progress in their skillsets as they gain more experience in the field. Greg has nearly two decades of experience in the electrical utility field. Before joining Delta in 2015, he worked for 10 years with a local utility as a lineman and service operator.

Chris Jones

Chris Jones, General Foreman

When Chris joined Delta in 2021 as an electric distribution trainer, he already had over 20 years of experience in the electric construction industry. This expertise, combined with his background as a high school teacher, prepared him to do what he loves at Delta—teaching the new hires and training the crews. He says, “I’m passionate about seeing their individual growth. The new hires come in wide-eyed and enthusiastic. Then they have those ‘aha’ moments when they get it, and I love seeing that.” As the father of four boys, Chris is proud to see all the young men under his care continue to grow, especially since his oldest son is now also working at Delta!