Delta Utility Smart Grid

Upgrading to Smart Grid Technology

Delta Utility Smart Grid

These days, American cities, companies, and residents are embracing renewable energy options. More rooftops are adorned with solar panels. More landscapes are dotted with windmills.

However, in order to fully integrate these renewable energy resources, the power grid that supports them needs to be upgraded.

Conventional grids were designed to deliver electricity one way—from the power plant to the consumer. They weren’t planned to accommodate small generators such as rooftop solar panels. Our nation’s grids need to be upgraded with a smarter operating system that efficiently manages these renewable energy resources.

Smart Grids

What are some key characteristics of a modern smart grid?

  • Distribution automation
  • A network that allows a two-way flow of electricity
  • AI that provides self-adjustment, contingency planning, and remote operation

Delta Delivers a Smarter Grid

Delta specializes in smart grid services. We install computer systems and sensors that deliver real-time data and use AI to make instant self-adjustments as needed. For example, if a tree were to fall down and take out a power line, the computer can switch instantly on its own to another power line. This provides uninterrupted electricity to the consumers and saves linemen from unnecessary labor.

The work we do with smart grids provides the infrastructure for electricity to be delivered as efficiently and consistently as possible. It is also vital to helping us leverage the full potential of renewable energy resources.